Special Experiences

Get Close! Get Real Close! Get Connected!

An unforgettabe adventure awaits you! Come to WILDWOOD and meet the hundreds of mammals, birds, reptiles and primates that make their home in our beautiful green park. Plan to spend the entire day, it's an adventure you won't want to miss!

Please for the health of the animals, no carry-ins are allowed. Thank you.

Vitamin W

Animal Feeding / Bear Juice
Trout Feeding / Koi Feeding

Feeding the animals at Wildwood Wildlife Park is a thrill for any age. Guests love feeding the bears “Bear Juice.” Buy a bottle of the special blend juices. They really enjoy this special treat.

Guests also enjoy hand feeding “critter crackers” to the deer, camel, sheep, aoudad, pigs, and goats. This is a Kodak moment so don’t forget your camera!

Another awesome experience is the Trout Pond, stocked with rainbow trout. Guests can buy Trout pellets from a feed machine and toss them into the pond; the entire surface comes alive with a frenzy of trout.

The “NEW KOI” pond is home to hundreds of Koi. Visitors can purchase food to feed the koi or just sit and relax in this peaceful and tranquil area.

Interactive Budgie Encounter

There is always something new at Wildwood Wildlife Park, don’t forget to visit our newest popular attraction, “The Parakeet Budgie Encounter”. Visit our walk-through aviary and experience up close and personal the beauty of over 500 parakeets flying around, landing on you. Visitors may buy a “bird feed stick” and have parakeets eating right out of your hand. Visitors are commenting that the “Parakeet Budgie Encounter” is one of their new favorite experiences at the Zoo!

Interactive Giraffe Feeding Encounter

During this unforgettable experience, you can get up close and personal with one of the largest and certainly the tallest mammals in the world. When the giraffe leans down to nibble out of your hand or steal a kiss, be sure to snap a few pictures and check out the size and beauty of their heads, with their large expressive eyes crowned by long eyelashes, and long thin lips. You’ll get to see the giraffe’s purple, prehensile tongue in action. A giraffe’s tongue can actually extend to 20 inches and is used in conjunction with the lips for feeding. The strength and agility of their tongue will amaze and surprise you! This encounter really connects people to nature. For a fee, you’ll receive a serving of tasty giraffe treats for an experience you won’t forget.

Animal Encounter / Nursery

Wildwood offers the largest interactive petting zoo in Wisconsin. Guests love the animal encounters where they are greeted by a host of animals including kangaroo, aoudad, woodchuck, armadillo, ferret, chinchilla, skunk, opossum, degus, sugar glider, hedgehog, and many more. Guests can touch a tortoise, love a goat, feel a porcupine, cuddle a bunny, pet a skunk, or hug a pot-bellied pig. Offering this sensory experience promotes a positive bond between animals and people. Wildwood’s knowledgeable friendly staff will help you better understand the animal world. It’s truly an interactive learning experience!